My name is Theresa Fersch. I'm a Certified Life Coach & Trusted Advisor, published author, adventurer, and experienced speaker passionate about helping you come home to yourself - so you can live with more comfort, ease, and confidence.

Adventure changes you.

We just don't come back from things the same as we were before.

...and that's okay

The Camino

Before my adventure on the Camino, I was just a system's engineer for a high tech research and development center. In 2015, I decided to hike the 500-mile Camino de Santiago in Spain --- this hike truly changed the trajectory of my life.

Until then, I was living my life without much consideration for my purpose or even what I deeply wanted my life to mean. Autopilot. Does this resonate with you?

After accomplishing something so extraordinary for myself, I woke up and felt compelled to reassess how I was living... because it didn't feel like the way I had been living fit the new me anymore.

Who knew this would lead to me becoming a published author? But I truly felt called to write, speak, and share about my life-changing experience and lessons learned. Soon, I marveled at the realization I wasn't alone in this. I found myself relating to and connecting with others who had different life-changing experiences - and I realized that the common thread between us is no matter what your "thing" was, that you don't come home the same.

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Theresa Fersch

Theresa Fersch is a Certified Life Coach & Trusted Advisor who helps her clients come home to themselves so they can live with more comfort, ease, and confidence. Theresa started her business after her own life-changing adventure: hiking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago in Spain. The adventure inspired her two books: Sunrise in Spain and Returning from the Camino which are both available for purchase on Amazon. Theresa also speaks frequently to companies and organizations about her time on the Camino and lessons learned.

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