Category: John Muir Trail 2016

Day 3: Part 2

Sun Bear told us that while we won’t believe it, the world’s best fish tacos are sold at this Mobile gas station. That’s so insanely random that we figured it had to be true. We ordered tacos, fries, margaritas and beer. We laughed and talked and had a good time. We talked about how it’s….

Yosemite Day 2 of 2

The anticipation is mounting. By this time tomorrow we will be well on our way. Yesterday Brian and I got up early and explored the park to the fullest. We walked 11 miles and saw all the highlights. Today we will probably spend preparing for tomorrow. We need to mail the clothes we’ve been wearing….

Day 1 of 2 in Yosemite

I woke up around five feeling refreshed. With everyone else still sleeping, I was able to take a nice hot shower. After using over 40 different showers across Spain I have learned that there are only three things a shower needs – some privacy, hot water, and water pressure. Everything else is just frosting. I….

Arriving Yosemite

We awoke around 5am, still on east coast time. The bus ride to the Yosemite area was pretty uneventful though we did pass some beautiful vineyards that reminded me fondly of Spain. Apparently this area is also known for its olives, avacados and citrus fruit. Just outside of the park we met up with Sun….

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