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Come Home
to Yourself


A 12 Week Group Coaching Experience

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Join the community for anyone who feels it when I say, "you can't go home again."

I've been in your shoes, the ones that don't fit anymore - and I know exactly how uncomfortable that can feel.

That's exactly why I created Come Home to Yourself, A 12 Week Group Coaching Experience.

The sessions gave me insight and specific ways to address areas where I wanted improvement. Together we helped determine pockets of time during the day where I could recharge. Additionally, we determined specific things/actions I could do to connect better to my family and friends. I also liked that our sessions provided external accountability.

- Tonya

Adventure changes you

We just don't come back from things the same as we were before.

Moving on past a divorce \\ Returning from a long-term trip
Moving on from the loss of a loved one \\ Recent or soon to be empty nesting
Recent or soon to be retired \\ Returning from a long-distance hike \\ Returning from deployment
Surviving a pandemic or some other global disaster \\ Having a child
Recovering from major injury or illness \\ Recently married \\ Marital separation
Major breakup \\ Gender transition \\ Change in career

No matter where you're coming from, I can help.

Before my adventure on the Camino, I was just a system's engineer for a high tech research and development center. In 2015, I decided to hike the 500-mile Camino de Santiago in Spain --- this hike truly changed the trajectory of my life.

Until then, I was living my life without much consideration for my purpose or even what I deeply wanted my life to mean. Autopilot. Does this resonate with you?

After accomplishing something so extraordinary for myself, I woke up and felt compelled to reassess how I was living... because it didn't feel like the way I had been living fit the new me anymore.

What happens when you live a life specifically designed for YOU by YOU?

Not only are you happy with your life, but you see it as an adventure. You’re in the driver’s seat and you’re ready and excited / anxious for what comes next.

You’re finally clear on who you are and what you love, and have reconnected to your passions and natural talents.

You make tough decisions with more confidence because you know what your values are.

You honor your authenticity in all situations rather than question it. 

You take better care of yourself.

You learn to say you "can't yet" instead of can't.

Program Outline

Each week, we'll meet by phone or Zoom for 60 minutes with customized action steps to propel you forward. You will receive email support for help and resources in between each session.

  • Session 1

    Introduction - Overview, & Outlining Goals

  • Session 2

    Deep Dive: Past & Managing Money & Time

  • Session 3

    Deep Dive: Future & Moving from Pain to Peace

  • Session 4

    Deep Dive: Present & Reflection

  • Session 5

    Your Personal Life Purpose

  • Session 6

    Your Unique Possibilities

  • Session 7

    Testing Out, Research, and Motivation

  • Session 8

    Banishing Your Blocks to Success

  • Session 9

    Habits: Out with the Old, In with the New

  • Session 10

    Accountability & What to Do Next

  • Session 11

    Creating Your Strategic Plan

  • Session 12

    Parting Thoughts & Reflection

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