EP - S1E10 – Finding Authenticity in Hollywood

Matt Weinglass is highly successful and creative actor, writer, Hollywood producer, and director. But as we’re going to hear today, the road to success can be a bumpy one and as you know this show is all about how we navigate those murky waters and transition into smoother territory.

Biographay: Matt Weinglass is an actor, writer, producer, and director who lives in Los Angeles. He’s the founder and artistic director of Sherwood Players, an innovative and unique production company specializing in multi-platform services for content creators and filmmakers, with a strong community backbone. Besides producing feature films, Matt also teaches classes and produces live events for the LA community including industry workshops and film festivals. 
When Matt first came to LA twenty years ago, he fell head first into the Hollywood nightclub scene working as a bouncer for the next several years. After hitting rock bottom in 2013, he was finally able to make his way out of the club scene and back to sanity when he found his true calling again as an artist, story-teller and mentor to others trying to make their way through the cutthroat entertainment industry. 
He has now developed a feature film about his life as a bouncer in Hollywood called In-Security which he plans on producing and starring in this coming year. 

Show Notes:

  • As a creator, Matt found himself successful (and controversial) as a young man.
  • As a big fish in a small pond, Matt moved to L.A. and was immediately thrust into the harsh realities of “adulting”
  • Looking for ways to sustain himself financially, he took on a job that forced him into a very dangerous life full of what he refers to as debauchery
  • For over a decade, he played this real-life character.
  • It was through acting that he found his true authenticity and creative voice again
  • Matt talks about the internal struggles actors (and all people have) with knowing when to give people what they want and when to hold steadfast in who you are
  • Find that story deep inside you that needs to come out. That’s what people will connect with



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See Matt’s latest work: in-securitymovie.com

Instagram: @mattweinglass

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