EP - S1E2 – Living Beyond Addiction

Addiction. When you read that word, what do you think of? Alcohol? Drugs? What about sex? What about pornography? When these things are used to numb emotions, they can destroy relationships and ruin lives. So how do you come back from that? Today we’re speaking with someone who has leveraged his past to help others who struggle.

Nate Blaylock (M.A. Ed, CLC) is a certified life coach and recovery coach who is passionate about helping people move from here to there. He has deep experience in helping others rebuild what may seem broken into something with purpose and beauty. Nate would tell you he is thankful for his successes, but his mistakes have been far more instrumental in molding him into who he is today. Nate has been a natural coach his whole life, and has extensive experience and a wide variety of industries – both personally and professionally. Nate’s eclectic background includes coaching, sports, sales, education, and leadership within a Fortune 100 company.  Nate currently resides in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and operates Known Counseling Services with his wife Maggie, who is a licensed professional counselor and Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist. Nate and Maggie have been married 15 years and have 3 awesome children – Jax (11), Kendall (9), and Jonah (5). They launched Known Counseling Services in 2020, where they provide counseling and coaching to individuals and couples with the goal of restoration, healing, and intimacy.

Show Notes:

Living beyond addiction requires accountability, authenticity, being vulnerable, and community!

A sense of shame will force a child to hide their curiosity. Talk to your children if they have questions about topics that may be otherwise taboo.

When things are kept “in the dark,” they grow.

Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Don’t hide! Get help. Find support.

There’s a difference between counseling and coaching


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