EP - S1E7 – Managing the Big C Word

Cancer. God, that’s an ugly word. No one wants to hear it. And yet, so many of us have been afflicted or we love someone who has. Thus far in our Come Home to Yourself journey, we’ve talked to individuals who have been though major life events earlier in their life and have a lot of time to process and come home to themselves. Today, I’m speaking with a woman who is currently going through some epic changes as we speak. We’re going to talk about what it’s like to manage major experiences while they’re occurring. If my friend Uli can do it, so can you.

Show Notes:

  • Rely on your support system to help you
  • Listen to your intuition to find your way
  • Take your time. Don’t let anyone press you
  • Find your strength
  • Look for children’s resources to help you talk to your children about a cancer diagnosis
  • Learn how to talk to your children because they know when something is wrong
  • When you “fight” cancer, there is only 1 winner and 1 loser. Manage, deal, and handle cancer.
  • Progress is not a straight line. There are good days and bad days


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  • Children’s book recommendation: “Mom Has Cancer” by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos – ISBN: 0764140744

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