EP - S2E3: Coming to America

Show Notes:

What is it like for someone to spend most of their younger years living in another country with another culture that is primarily theirs and then moving to the United States? Surely, bringing a new perspective to the United States and coming with fresh eyes makes for a truly fascinating and story.

Alex’s Bio:
“My name is Alex and I live in rural Maine with my husband, daughter, and our animals. I work full-time as a senior web designer for an international tech company and love the outdoors and creating. At 22 years old, I moved to the US by myself to fulfill my lifelong dream of a life in this beautiful country. Over 15 years later, life is still an adventure and I am still incredibly happy to be able to live my dream.” Alex

  • Since Alex was a little girl, she dreamed of living in the United States
  • She came to the United States alone as a young woman
  • She struggled initially to find a job, get credit, understand Alabama’s dial
  • Alex’s personality was reshaped due to her decision. She shed her shyness and became brave
  • Be realistic. Prepare. Research your dream. Don’t be naive.
  • Don’t let the “what ifs” stop you.
  • Don’t let other people’s fears/doubts become yours.
  • Listen to your gut. You know yourself best!
  • Use your talents, skills, and passion to your advantage.
  • Remind yourself how far you’ve come.
  • What Alex loves about the US – her freedom and her land


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